Upcoming Events

UpComing Events


Coaching & Seminars with Anne-Marie Fournier!

Join us in welcoming back Anne-Marie Fournier for another weekend of fabulous coaching and seminars! Anne will be offering private coaching hours for students wanting to work on choreographed routines, competition technique, or personalized social dance help! Her seminars will feature Mambo/Salsa, Tango, and East Coast Swing!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to work with the best in the business! Reserve your spot today!


Psychedelic 60’s Costume Party!

Join us for a trip down into the 60’s! Dance to the grooviest tunes, wear your foxiest threads, sip on some of that hippie juice!

8pm Drop in: Quickstep $5 per person 9pm-11pm: Dance Party $5 per person

Foournier, Anne Marie 2019.jpg